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AIN is an international enterprise who is designated and authorized by JAPAN ALEPH Group to sell ALEPH brand security parts of active infrared intrusion detectors, passive infrared intrusion detectors, door magnetic control switches, smart home security parts and so on. AIN has set up production bases and branches in Japan, China, Europe, the United States and many other countries.

The products of AIN which are ALEPH brand such as alarm security system, door magnetic contacts, and smart home security have been all over the world. Especially the active infrared intrusion detector which is an independent research, development and the world's first launch has been leading the development and innovation of infrared industry for China, even the world. AIN has a professional R & D team and high quality management personnel, with an average annual rate of 15% of operating income of investment research and development, while having two major product series of “ALEPH” and

AIN receives the honour of a&s Top Ten International brands for many years. Furthermore, AIN is the sole supplier of Vanke Group and its security parts have been widely used in the various real estate projects and property areas, for example, government agencies, airports, nuclear power plants, factories and so on.


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