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EBELCO is the Malaysia’s leading company in research, development and manufacturing of world class quality access control products installed in more than 50 countries worldwide especially across European Countries, USA, South America, African Countries, Middle East, Australia & New Zealand, Asian Countries and etc.

Officially founded in 1994, with the former name BELCOM Alarms & Supplies, EBELCO carries the top class quality vision as the electromagnetic lock manufacturer. Along with the years, gaining experience and improvement in the technologies, EBELCO’s product has been installed in many of the world’s well-known buildings such as Twin Towers in Malaysia, International Airport Buildings in Italy, Netherlands, Singapore and Malaysia.

With uncountable successful projects, EBELCO has earned its name as trusted quality, security and reliability. Moreover, as the products has been listed in UL, certified with CE, and tested in PSB laboratories in Singapore, EBELCO has proven its established name to the world and also committed to its valued customers with satisfactions. It also puts all the EBELCO’s distributors and OEM partners in a strong position for product quality, reliability and value in world’s competitive market.

As an established company in the security industry, EBELCO formed a powerful, creative and passion R&D team to research, design, modify and produce many innovative products that suit for everyone’s need in the world. Since 2004, it was un-officially counted that over 200,000 units of EBELCO’s products has been installed and operating in the world.

Today, EBELCO product line includes: All Range of Electromagnetic Locks, Electromagnetic Door Holders, Vibration Shock Sensors, Emergency Door Release and other door access accessories.


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