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Entrypass Corporation Sdn. Bhd., since our inception 2002, we have aspired to become global unified security professionals with expertise in high value proposition and best price-performance ratio products and solutions. Within a year of establishment, we have been awarded with the esteemed MSC Status since 2003 by the Malaysia government for our initiatives in enhancing product development using multimedia technologies.

Through the years, the company successfully expanded to Singapore and Indonesia. Inevitably, EntryPass developed an in-house design principle to ensure future products offerings can be deployed yet retain the scalability and flexibility within the system without compromising its features.

We at EntryPass have extended our expertise to a spectrum of professional establishments with our innovative integrated platform that covers various modules in physical security. These includes but are not limited to; door access control, elevator access control, time and attendance, car park control, barrier control, interactive floor plan, online guard-tour, sensor point monitoring, integration with biometric technologies and visitor management. 

To date, EntryPass has distributed control panels over 25 countries worldwide, while providing unified security solutions - aligned to global international standards.


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