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Since its establishment in 1976, Kocom has been growing as a global leader in the digital area by developing a variety of solutions applied to housing, building and commercial areas based on the digital video technology and network technology which have been developed with its own technology.

We have been manufacturing high-tech products essential for implementing more convenient and secure digital home such as home security system focusing on smart home, video phone, etc. in the automated and advanced manufacturing facilities.

In addition, by diversifying the CCTV System business, in 1994, we developed and produced the Digital Color CCTV Camera for the first time in Korea and for the second time in the world.

Furthermore, our development of the Digital Still Camera has been exported to Japan, exclusively from Korea. Our excellent technology of digital video technology and communication network has been acknowledged domestically and globally.
Based on this, for the improvement of the quality of life to be more convenient and secure, we focus on a variety of solution business applying to Home, Office, Hotel, etc. and LED lighting industry, the future eco-friendly technology and reinforce the global marketing for the worldwide export.

Kocom is a company that does not hesitate to invest in R&D for the development of advanced digital technology and with the pride that Kocom products are the assured quality, we are dedicated to customer satisfaction and continue to be the competitive and healthy corporate with more potential for growth.


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