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Company Information
Name Teraoka Autodoor Inc.
Location Tokyo, Japan
Founding Date June 8th, 1963
Activities National origin (wholesaler) of Teraoka automatic door units, as well as sales, installation and maintenance businesses
Turn Over ¥3.398 billion for the period ended May 2012
(Teraoka Autodoor Group total turnover: approx. ¥18 billion)
Employees 92
(Teraoka Autodoor Group employee total: approx.. 960)
Business Line ・Teraoka automatic door units (various)
・Various automatic door systems (PHP, TMEC, TPC, etc.)
・Various tempered glass doors
(Slim Sanergy Door, Alclasse Door, Sanergy Door)

・Soundproof / air-tight / magnetically-shielded doors (Markus Door)
・Stainless steel sliding doors (Teraoka Stainless)
・Specific fire protection equipment and fire protection equipment
・Rail tight system automatic doors (FST series)
・Linear motor-operated automatic doors (Liniard)
・Automatic security doors
・Other automatic door related products

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